Sometimes it only takes one act of kindness to change a person’s life. 

 Catch a glimpse of God’s heart for the nations through
Teaching English in English Camps
Doing work projects
Interacting with university students
Experiencing village life in Thailand

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Two Weeks

 July 2019 –  Full

October 2019 – Full

January 2020 – Full

July 2020 – 10 Seats Left

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This program is set up for people who would like to use their talents in His Kingdom. By joining one of our teams, you can help with English camps and help with work projects while working along side our thai staff and students. We would like you to be here in Thailand for a total of 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks we would do two 2-3 day camps in 2 different schools plus get some thai cultural experience.

Come for 3+ months. In the three months you’re here, you would have the opportunity to study some thai, teach english, work alongside thai university students in sharing the gospel at university, and getting a thai cultural experience.

3+ Months 

6+ Months

Come for 6+ months, and live out in a village teaching English at a school. The purpose of this opportunity is so that the students that you’d be teaching at the school would have the same teacher through-out the term. It’s a great opportunity to build relationships in a village and get thai culture experience.


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